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Reviewer acknowledgements 2016

The Editorial Board of Surgical Case Reports expresses their appreciation to the following consultants for reviewing manuscripts during 2016.


Shinichi Aishima, Japan

Toshiaki Akita, Japan

Takashi Akiyoshi, Japan

Hironobu Amano, Japan

Taku Aoki, Japan

Akihiro Aoyama, Japan

Tohru Asai, Japan

Takayuki Asao, Japan

Daisuke Ban, Japan

Toru Bando, Japan

Toru Beppu, Japan

Masayuki Chida, Japan

Koji Chihara, Japan

Osamu  Chino, Japan

Takashi Chishima, Japan

Haruhiko Cho, Japan

Hiroyuki Daiko, Japan

Hiroyoshi Doihara, Japan

Yuichiro Doki, Japan

Akinori  Egashira, Japan

Hiroyuki Egi, Japan

Susumu Eguchi, Japan

Takahiro Einama, Japan

Itaru Endo, Japan

Shunsuke Endo, Japan

Tsutomu Fujii, Japan

Hikaru Fujioka, Japan

Takashi Fujita, Japan

Michitaka Fujiwara, Japan

Toshiyoshi Fujiwara, Japan

Sunao Fujiyoshi, Japan

Minoru Fukuchi, Japan

Ikuo Fukuda, Japan

Takumi Fukumoto, Japan

Ryoji Fukushima, Japan

Kimihiko Funahashi, Japan

Kazuhito Funai, Japan

Tomohisa Furuhata, Japan

Tadashi Furuyama, Japan

Takanori Goi, Japan

Hitoshi  Goto, Japan

Kenichi Hakamada, Japan

Jun Hanaoka, Japan

Kazuhiro Hanazaki, Japan

Hisato Hara, Japan

Noboru Harada, Japan

Akio Harada, Japan

Norifumi Harimoto, Japan

Kazuo Hase, Japan

Seiki Hasegawa, Japan

Hiroki Hayashi, Japan

Mitsuhiro Hayashi, Japan

Hiromitsu Hayashi, Japan

Shoichi Hazama, Japan

Jun Higashijima, Japan

Masahiko Higashiyama, Japan

Takao Hinoi, Japan

Noriyuki Hirahara, Japan

Kosei Hirakawa, Japan

Satoshi Hirano, Japan

Yuichiro Hisamatsu, Japan

Shoichi  Hishinuma, Japan

Akihiko Horiguchi, Japan

Jun Horiguchi, Japan

Yasushi Hoshikawa, Japan

Katsuyuki Hoshina, Japan

Yasushi Ichikawa, Japan

Satoshi Ieiri, Japan

Masahiko Ikebe, Japan

Hitoshi Ikeda, Japan

Tadashi Ikeda, Japan

Masataka Ikeda, Japan

Hiroki Ikeuchi, Japan

Yutaka Imoto, Japan

Yukihiro Inomata, Japan

Masayoshi Inoue, Japan

Kenichi Inoue, Japan

Shuji Isaji, Japan

Hiroyuki Ishibashi, Japan

Kazuyuki Ishida, Japan

Hideyuki Ishida, Japan

Kohei Ishiyama, Japan

Kenichi Ito, Japan

Akinori Iwasaki, Japan

Hisashi Iwata, Japan

Akira Iyoda, Japan

Yoshimitsu Izawa, Japan

Mitsutaka Kadokura, Japan

Kichizo Kaga, Japan

Yoshiaki Kajiyama, Japan

Yoshihiro Kakeji, Japan

Takashi Kamei, Japan

Hiroyuki Kamiya, Japan

Toshiya Kamiyama, Japan

Koichi Kaneko, Japan

Nobuyasu Kano, Japan

Mureo Kasahara, Japan

Masahiro Kashiwaba, Japan

Natsuya Katada, Japan

Takahiro Katsumata, Japan

Naoki Kawagishi, Japan

Shunsuke Kawamoto, Japan

Masafumi Kawamura, Japan

Norio Kawamura, Japan

Shiro Kikuchi, Japan

Yasue Kimura, Japan

Toshimoto Kimura, Japan

Takahiro Kinoshita, Japan

Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Japan

Yuusuke Kinugasa, Japan

Tetsushi Kinugasa, Japan

Tetsuya Kitagawa, Japan

Hiroaki Kitagawa, Japan

Joji Kitayama, Japan

Hirokazu Kiyozaki, Japan

Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, Japan

Michiya Kobayashi, Japan

Keiji Koda, Japan

Akio Kodama, Japan

Yasuhiro Kodera, Japan

Toshihiko Kohashi, Japan

Junichi Koike, Japan

Norihiro Kokudo, Japan

Hiroyoshi Komai, Japan

Kazuhiro Kondo, Japan

Kazuya Kondo, Japan

Haruhiko Kondo, Japan

Koji Kono, Japan

Toru Kono, Japan

Takeo Kosaka, Japan

Chihiro Kosugi, Japan

Shoji Kubo, Japan

Yusuke Kumamoto, Japan

Chikara Kunisaki, Japan

Yukio Kuniyoshi, Japan

Yukinori Kurokawa, Japan

Tamotsu Kuroki, Japan

Masato Kusunoki, Japan

Hiroyuki Kuwano, Japan

Shigeru Lee, Japan

Yoshimasa Maniwa, Japan

Munetaka Masuda, Japan

Akihisa Matsuda, Japan

Haruhisa Matsuguma, Japan

Junichi Matsui, Japan

Yoshiro Matsui, Japan

Isao Matsumoto, Japan

Kazuhide Matsushima, United States

Fumihiko Matsuzawa, Japan

Hirofumi Midorikawa, Japan

Yoshihiro Minamiya, Japan

Yoshio Misawa, Japan

Norio Mitsumori, Japan

Shinichi Miyagawa, Japan

Hidenori Miyake, Japan

Shinji Miyamoto, Japan

Hidetoshi Miyauchi, Japan

Tatsuya Miyazaki, Japan

Michihiko Miyazaki, Japan

Yukimasa Miyazawa, Japan

Shinichiro Miyoshi, Japan

Teruaki Mizobuchi, Japan

Toru Mizuguchi, Japan

Tsunekazu Mizushima, Japan

Makoto Mo, Japan

Shinichiro Mori, Japan

Noriyasu Morikage, Japan

Fuyuhiko Motoi, Japan

Satoru Motoyama, Japan

Yoshiaki Murakami, Japan

Tomohiro Murakawa, Japan

Hiroaki Nagano, Japan

Takeshi Nagayasu, Japan

Takeshi Naitoh, Japan

Toshio Nakagohri, Japan

Masanobu Nakajima, Japan

Jun Nakajima, Japan

Yasuaki Nakajima, Japan

Haruhiko Nakamura, Japan

Masafumi Nakamura, Japan

Ryota Nakanishi, Japan

Ryoichi Nakanishi, Japan

Yuichiro Nakashima, Japan

Masao Nakata, Japan

Haruhiko Nakayama, Japan

Mitsuo Nakayama, Japan

Kazutaka Narui, Japan

Shoji Natsugoe, Japan

Riichiro Nezu, Japan

Itasu Ninomiya, Japan

Tadashi Nishimaki, Japan

Motonobu Nishimura, Japan

Hiroyuki Nitta, Japan

Hirokazu Noshiro, Japan

Souya Nunobe, Japan

Kyoichi Ogata, Japan

Shinpei Ogawa, Japan

Tomoko Ogawa, Japan

Yasuhiro Ogura, Japan

Masaichi Ohira, Japan

Takao Ohki, Japan

Nobuhiro Ohkohchi, Japan

Tousei Ohmura, Japan

Shinobu Ohnuma, Japan

Mitsuhiko Ohta, Japan

Norifumi Ohtani, Japan

Masayuki Ohtsuka, Japan

Hiroyuki Oizumi, Japan

Hirohisa Okabe, Japan

Kenji Okada, Japan

Yoshinori Okada, Japan

Tomoyoshi Okamoto, Japan

Tatsuro Okamoto, Japan

Kohji Okamoto, Japan

Kazuma Okamoto, Japan

Shinichi Okazumi, Japan

Kenichi Okubo, Japan

Kiyotaka Okuno, Japan

Shigeru Ono, Japan

Hisashi Onodera, Japan

Takashi Onoe, Japan

Kazumasa Orihashi, Japan

Akihiko Oshita, Japan

Takehito Otsubo, Japan

Eigo Otsuji, Japan

Koki Otsuka, Japan

Masatoshi Oya, Japan

Soji Ozawa, Japan

Toshiki Rikiyama, Japan

Yasushi Rino, Japan

Hiroshi Saeki, Japan

Norio Saito, Japan

Taichi Sakaguchi, Japan

Shinichi Sakuramoto, Japan

Hironori Samura, Japan

Hideyuki Sasaki, Japan

Yukio Sato, Japan

Masami Sato, Japan

Yukitoshi Satoh, Japan

Terumasa Sawada, Japan

Mitsugu Sekimoto, Japan

Takafumi Sekino, Japan

Kunihiro Shigematsu, Japan

Hisayuki Shigematsu, Japan

Norihiko Shiiya, Japan

Hideaki Shimada, Japan

Hiroaki Shimizu, Japan

Hiroyuki Shinchi, Japan

Shunya Shindo, Japan

Satoshi Shiono, Japan

Ken Shirabe, Japan

Atsushi Shiraishi, Japan

Yasuhiro Shirakawa, Japan

Kiyohiko Shuto, Japan

Makoto Sohda, Japan

Makoto Sonobe, Japan

Taijiro Sueda, Japan

Ikuo Sugimoto, Japan

Kenji Sugio, Japan

Atsushi Sugioka, Japan

Masanori Sugiyama, Japan

Masahiko Sugiyama, Japan

Yasuo Sumi, Japan

Makoto Suzuki, Japan

Yasuyuki Suzuki, Japan

Minoru Tabata, Japan

Tomoaki Taguchi, Japan

Hiroyuki Tahara, Japan

Yoshitsugu Tajima, Japan

Yasutsugu Takada, Japan

Masato Takahashi, Japan

Norihisa Takakura, Japan

Ichiro Takemasa, Japan

Seiichi Takenoshita, Japan

Akinobu Taketomi, Japan

Izumi Takeyoshi, Japan

Katsunari Takifuji, Japan

Minoru Tanabe, Japan

Kimihiro Tanaka, Japan

Hiroyuki Tanaka, Japan

Kazuo Tanemoto, Japan

Shigeki Taniguchi, Japan

Hirotaka Tashiro, Japan

Takashi Tojo, Japan

Naohiro Tomita, Japan

Takeo Toshima, Japan

Masanori Tsuchida, Japan

Akihiko Tsuchida, Japan

Yosuke Tsuruga, Japan

Eiji Uchida, Japan

Kazuhisa Uchiyama, Japan

Keisuke Uehara, Japan

Sadashige Uemura, Japan

Kenichiro Uemura, Japan

Katsuhiko Uesaka, Japan

Naoto Urushihara, Japan

Akihiko Usui, Japan

Toshifumi Wakai, Japan

Yuji Watanabe, Japan

Atsushi Watanabe, Japan

Yoshinori Watanabe, Japan

Minoru Yagi, Japan

Koji Yamaguchi, Japan

Akio Yamaguchi, Japan

Satoru Yamaguchi, Japan

Manabu Yamamoto, Japan

Seiichiro Yamamoto, Japan

Kaisuke Yamamoto, Japan

Junji Yamamoto, Japan

Satoshi Yamashiro, Japan

Yo-ichi Yamashita, Japan

Tomoki Yamatsuji, Japan

Katsuhiko Yanaga, Japan

Motoki Yano, Japan

Kenji Yano, Japan

Tokujiro Yano, Japan

Kohei Yokoi, Japan

Hitoshi Yokoyama, Japan

Takeo Yonekura, Japan

Kazuhiro Yoshida, Japan

Naoya Yoshida, Japan

Shigetoshi Yoshida, Japan

Hiroshi Yoshida, Japan

Takaki Yoshikawa, Japan

Naoki Yoshimura, Japan

Keiji Yoshinaga, Japan

Kazuhiko Yoshioka, Japan

Takafumi Yukaya, Japan


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