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Table 1 Malignant lymphomas in women diagnosed by sentinel lymph node biopsies during breast cancer surgery

From: Follicular lymphoma without lymphadenopathy incidentally diagnosed by sentinel lymph node biopsy during breast cancer surgery: a case report

Characteristics Report no.
1 2 3 4
Age (y) 74 67 60 73
Breast cancer indicators pT1cN0M0 pT1cN0M0 pT1bN0M0 pT1cN0M0
 Stage IA IA IA IA
Surgery Bp + SNLB Bp + SNLB Bp + SNLB Bt + SNLB
Breast cancer subtype ER + /PgR + /HER2− ER−/PgR−/HER2 +  ER−/PgR−/HER2 +  ER + /PgR + /HER2−
Adjuvant therapy for breast cancer Radiotherapy followed by AI Trastuzumab with R-DHAP Trastuzumab AI
Lymphadenopathy in preoperative images None Axillary lymph node None None
Lymphoma stage I IV III I
 Subtype FL MCL FL FL
 Therapy None R-CHOP then
Priority for PT Breast cancer MCL FL Breast cancer
Year published 2010 2016 2019 2022
References [5] [2] [3] Present study
  1. AI aromatase inhibitor, Bp breast partial mastectomy, Bt breast total mastectomy, FL follicular lymphoma, HER2 human epidermal growth factor receptor type2, IDC invasive ductal carcinoma, ILC invasive lobular carcinoma, MCL mantle cell lymphoma, PT postoperative treatment, R-CHOP rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin hydrochloride, oncovin, and prednisolone, R-DHAP rituximab, dexamethasone, high-dose ara-C, cytarabine, and cisplatin, SNLB sentinel lymph node biopsy, TNBC triple-negative breast cancer