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Table 1 Summary of the nine cases of gastrointestinal perforations related to HP

From: Laparoscopic surgery for duodenal perforation due to a diverticulum with heterotopic pancreas: a case report

Author (year) Age/sex Perforation site Heinrich’s classification Surgical procedure Probable cause of perforation
Petersen et al. (2005) 86/F Jejunum I Open partial resection Acute inflammation
Pal et al. (2008) 0/F Jejunum II Open partial resection Ulceration
Gurocak et al. (2009) 19/F Stomach (antrum) II Open distal gastrectomy Ulceration
Gunjaca et al. (2010) 51/M Duodenum ND Open distal gastrectomy Chronic inflammation
Wong et al. (2011) 62/M Jejunum ND Open partial resection Inflammation and bacterial infection
Hamabe et al. (2012) 67/M Jejunum I Open partial resection Necrotic change of the tumor containing HP
Fukino et al. (2012) 68/F Stomach (antrum) I Open distal gastrectomy Ulceration
Shiratori et al. (2017) 83/F Jejunum I Open partial resection Diverticulum with inflammation
Current case (2021) 91/F Duodenum (second portion) I Laparoscopic partial resection Diverticulum without inflammation
  1. ND not described