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Table 1 Crohn’s disease-related anorectal cancer requiring combined resection of adjacent organs in our institution

From: Urinary tract diversion with gastric conduit after total pelvic exenteration for Crohn’s disease-related anorectal cancer: a case report

Sex Age (years) Type of operation Combined resection Urinary diversion Operative time (min) Blood loss (mL) Complication (C–D grade) Postoperative length of stay (days)
Female 38 TPE Vagina Cutaneous ureterostomy 798 1750 II 41
Male 40 TPES Sacrum (below S4)
Left obturator internus muscle
Nephrostomy 998 735 IIIa (ileus) 42
Male 36 TPE Penis
Right obturator internus muscle
Nephrostomy 979 230 II 52
Male 47 TPES Sacrum (below S4) Nephrostomy 936 320 IIIa (lymphatic leakage) 40
Male 48 TPE Left obturator internus muscle Nephrostomy 783 530 IIIa (lymphatic leakage) 42
Male 60 APR Prostate
Seminal vesicle
Cystostomy 886 840 II 32
Male 50 TPE Left obturator internus muscle Gastric conduit 883 1520 IIIa (lymphatic leakage) 51
  1. C–D Clavien–Dindo, TPE total pelvic exenteration, TPES total pelvic exenteration with sacrectomy, APR abdominal perineal resection