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Table 1 Literature review: summary of the case reports of SMA thrombosis with COVID-19 infection

From: Acute superior mesenteric artery occlusion associated with COVID-19 pneumonia: a case report

Case no. Authors Year Country Age Sex Medical history Preventive anti-thrombotic therapy Treatment Outcomes
1 Amaravathi et al. 2020 India 45 M None Missing Thrombectomy and laparotomy Unknown
2 Azouz et al. 2020 France 56 M Missing Missing Endovascular thrombectomy/laparotomy Unknown
3 Bannazadeh et al. 2020 USA 55 M HT, hyperthyroidism Heparin Laparotomy Alive
4 Barry et al. 2020 France 79 F None None Thrombectomy and laparotomy Dead
5 Beccara et al. 2020 Italy 52 M Missing Heparin Thrombectomy and laparotomy Alive
6 Cheung et al. 2020 USA 55 M HT Missing Thrombectomy and laparotomy Alive
7 Karna et al. 2020 India 61 F DM, HT Enoxaparin Laparotomy Dead
8 Krothapalli et al. 2020 USA 76 F Af, CAD, DM, HF, HT Apixaban Conservative management Dead
9 Ucpinar et al. 2020 Turkey 82 F Af, CKD, HT Enoxaparin Conservative management Dead
10 Vulliamy et al. 2020 UK 75 M None None Thrombectomy and laparotomy Unknown
11 Balani et al. 2021 India 37 M None None Thrombolysis and thrombectomy Alive
12 Chaubal et al. 2021 India 9 M Missing Missing Laparotomy Alive
13 Dinoto et al. 2021 Italy 84 F CKD, DM, HT Aspirin Endovascular thrombectomy Dead
14 Hanif et al. 2021 Pakistan 20 F None None Laparotomy Alive
15 Mahrugi et al. 2021 Oman 51 M Missing Missing Thrombectomy and laparotomy Alive
16 Mitchell et al. 2021 USA 69 M Missing None Thrombectomy and laparotomy Alive
17 Current case 2021 Japan 71 M Af, DM, HT Dabigatran + aspirin Laparotomy Alive
  1. SMA superior mesenteric artery, USA United States of America, UK United Kingdom, Af atrial fibrillation, CAD coronary artery disease, CKD chronic kidney disease, DM diabetes mellitus, HF heart failure, HT hypertension