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Table 2 US signs of acute appendicitis [16]

From: Appendix-preserving elective herniorrhaphy for de Garengeot hernia: two case reports

Direct signs Indirect signs
Non-compressibility of the appendix Free fluid surrounding appendix
Perforation: appendix might be compressible Local abscess formation
Diameter of the appendix > 6 mm Increased echogenicity of local mesenteric fat
Single wall thickness ≥ 3 mm Enlarged local mesenteric lymph nodes
Unclear wall structure Thickening of the peritoneum
Hypoechoic fluid-filled lumen Secondary small bowel obstruction
Hyperechoic mucosa/submucosa  
Hypoechoic muscularis layer  
Appendicolith: hyperechoic with posterior shadowing  
Colour Doppler and contrast-enhanced US:  
 Hypervascularity in early stages of acute appendicitis  
 Hypo- to avascularity in abscess and necrosis