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Table 1 Previous reports of EGC with a single giant lymph node metastasis

From: A case of early gastric cancer with a single giant lymph node metastasis

Year Writer Age/sex Chiefcomplaint Preoperativediagnosis Postoperative diagnosis (differentiation, depth, size: cm) Procedure LN Adjuvant chemo Prognosis
1987 Kamiya et al. 66/M Upper abdominal pain Hepaticcyst adenocarcinoma L, Less
(tub1, m,0.8)
(tub1, m,0.4)
Partial gastrectomy #5
5 cm
1996 Terashima et al. 59/F Abdominalmass Gastriccancer and Pancreas or Liver tumor M, Less
(por, sm, −)
Partial gastrectomy, LateralHx, DP, Splenectomy #3
14 cm
No rec
2009 Ishii et al. 57/M - Gastriccancer and Pancreas tumor L,Post
(tub1,sm, 2.5)
L, Post
(tub1,sm, 0.7)
(tub1-por1, sm, 0.6)
DG, D1+  #6
6 cm
Unknown 1Y10M
No rec
2019 Umeda et al. 72/M Abdominalmass SMT M, Less
(tub1-2,mp, 2.5)
DG, D2 #6
8 cm
No rec
2021 Our case 78/M Abdominalmass SMT M, Ant
(tub1,sm, 3.0)
M, Ant
(tub1,sm, 1.5)
DG, D1+  #4d
13 cm
6 M
Liver meta
 → SOX