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Table 1 Case reports of primary liposarcoma originating in the liver

From: Primary pleomorphic liposarcoma of the liver: a case report and literature review

Case Author Age/Sex Location WHO subtype Treatment Prognosis
1 Wolloch et al., 1973 [8] 22 y/F Right lobe Myxoid Right lobe hepatectomy Death 46 days after surgery
2 Kim et al., 1987 [9] 30 y/F Left lobe Dedifferentiated Left lobe hepatectomy NED 10 months
3 Chen et al., 1988 [10] n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
4 Soares et al., 1989 [11] 2 y/M Hilum n/a Autopsy n/a
5 Wright et al., 1993 [12] 3 y/M Hilum Myxoid Surgical resection, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy Local recurrence 11 years later; death 3 months after recurrence
6 Aribal and Berberoglu, 1993 [13] 48 y/F Hilum Myxoid Chemotherapy n/a
7 Khan et al., 2001 [14] 50 y/M Right lobe n/a Right lobe hepatectomy n/a
8 Nelson et al., 2001 [15] 54 y/F Right and left lobes Myxoid Exploratory laparotomy with biopsy Postoperative hemorrhage and death
9 Kuo et al., 2006 [16] 61 y/F Right and left lobes Myxoid Three-segmentectomy (1st time); hepatectomy (2nd time); hepatectomy (3rd time); radiotherapy Repeated recurrences; death 26 months after initial diagnosis due to liver failure and aspiration pneumonia
10 Kim et al., 2007 [17] 63 y/F Left lobe Well-differentiated Left lobe hepatectomy n/a
11 Binesh et al., 2012 [18] 83 y/F Left lobe Myxoid Left lobe hepatectomy and chemotherapy (1st time); left lobe hepatectomy (2nd time) Local recurrence 19 months after 1st operation; NED after 2nd operation
12 Naik et al., 2013 [6] 42 y/M Left lobe Pleomorphic Left lobe hepatectomy and chemoradiotherapy NED
13 Liu et al., 2018 [19] 29 y/M Left lobe, with intraperitoneal metastases Myxoid Chemotherapy Death 5 months after initial diagnosis due to extensive metastasis
14 Present case 62 y/F Right lobe Pleomorphic Partial right lobe hepatectomy
(1st time); right hepatectomy (2nd time); chemotherapy
Local recurrence 41 months after 1st operation; distant metastases 1 month after 2nd operation; death 5 months after recurrence
  1. y years, F female, M male, n/a not available, NED no evidence of disease