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Table 2 Intraoperative changes in CVP (IVCP) and PVP

From: Treatment of multiple huge liver cysts in a hybrid operating room: a case report

Event *IVCP (mmHg) PVP (mmHg)
Start measuring 5 21
Fenestration of cyst
 Segment eight 10–8 24
 Left side of the IVC 8–5 25
 Right side of the IVC 5–5 22–19
 Portal bifurcation 5–5 19–17
End of surgery 1 17
  1. Intraoperative changes in central vein pressure (CVP) and portal vein pressure (PVP). After the measurement was started, CVP was increased by intraoperative infusion. After opening each cyst, CVP gradually decreased, especially when the cysts near the IVC were opened, CVP decreased significantly. PVP decreased when the cyst on the right side of the IVC was opened
  2. IVCP inferior vena cava pressure, PVP portal vein pressure, IVC inferior vena cava
  3. *CVP is the pressure measured at the peripheral side of the IVC stenosis. The sensor was inserted through the right femoral vein