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Table 1 Reported cases of complications of a non-traumatic mesenteric hematoma

From: Abdominal complications due to collapse of a large mesenteric hematoma after rupture of a right colic artery aneurysm: a case report

Author Etiology Complication Size (mm) Treatment
Bekki et al. [3] Unknown Fistula between the transverse colon and the hematoma 120 Resection of the transverse colon
Shikata et al. [4] Unknown Fistula between the jejunum and the hematoma 30 Resection of the jejunum
Ashrafian et al. [5] Crohn’s disease Small bowel obstruction 200 Right hemicolectomy
Ono et al. [6] Unknown Duodenal stenosis Not reported Conservative treatment
Weinstock et al. [7] Jejunal branch artery aneurysm Small bowel obstruction 60 Gastrojejunostomy
Our case Right colic artery aneurysm Small bowel obstruction, cholestasis 150 Release of obstruction, reduction of hematoma