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Table 1 Reported cases of afferent loop syndrome caused by remnant gastric cancer

From: Successful treatment of remnant gastric cancer with afferent loop syndrome managed by percutaneous transhepatic cholangial drainage followed by elective gastrectomy: a case report

No. Year Fist author Reason for gastrectomy Reconstruction Braun’s anastomosis Onset time from the first operation Obstruction of the afferent loop Treatment Postoperative complications Prognosis (months, cause) References
1 1984 Elyaderani N/A Billroth II N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A [9]
2 2001 Chevallier Benign ulcer Billroth II N/A 31 years Complete Death (shortly after diagnosis, sepsis) [10]
3 2006 Yazus Benign ulcer Billroth II None 40 years Incomplete Operation None N/A [11]
4 2013 Kawaoka Gastric carcinoma Billroth II N/A 40 years Incomplete Operation N/A Death (4 months, recurrence) [12]
5 2015 Sahin Benign ulcer Billroth II None 47 years Incomplete Operation Anastomotic leakage N/A [13]
6 2018 Cha Benign ulcer Billroth II None N/A Incomplete PTCD Death (4 months, disease progression) [14]
2021 Aoyama Benign ulcer Billroth II None 43 years Complete PTCD → operation Adhesive intestinal obstruction Death (8 months, recurrence)
  1. Our case was the first case in which elective surgery was performed after the management of afferent loop syndrome by PTCD. In many cases, the onset time of the former operation was more than 30 years