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Table 1 The advantages and disadvantages of performing paraduodenal hernia by single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS)

From: Left paraduodenal hernia treated by single-incision laparoscopic surgery: a case report

  SILS Multiport laparoscopic surgery
Advantages ・Cosmetic benefits
・Possibility of less post-operative pain
・Flexibility of movement
・Some cases are previously reported
Disadvantages ・Technical difficulties
・Less counter-traction
・Interference of instruments
・Incision length can be longer
・Multiple port scars
・Incision enlargement is necessary if guiding the lesion site to the outside of the body is needed
Precautions ・Conversion to multiport laparoscopic or open surgery if safety is not guaranteed
・High-risk cases of Trocar-site hernias (e.g. obesity, umbilical hernias, diabetes mellitus or smoking, etc.)
・Conversion to open surgery if safety is not guaranteed