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Table 3 Summary of data from 23 case reports of spontaneous common bile duct perforation in adults searched from 2001 to 2021

From: Spontaneous common bile duct perforation due to choledocolithiasis accompanied with pancreaticobiliary maljunction in an adult: a case report

Age (average) 41.6 ± 19.6 (17–84) years
Sex (M:F) 7:16
Duration of symptoms 14.7 ± 26.9 (1–90) days
Diagnosed preoperatively 17.4% (4/23cases)
With CBD stones 43.5% (10/23cases)
Pregnant 30.4% (7/23cases)
Location of perforation (SD: JCD: others) 50%:22.7%:27.3%
Postoperative bile leakage and abscess 30.4% (7/23cases)
Mortality 4.5% (1/22cases)
  1. CBD common bile duct, SD Supraduodunal, JCD Junction of cystic duct