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Table 1 Patient Characteristics and Results

From: Migration of non-absorbable polymer clips in hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery: a report of four cases

Case Age Gender Diagnosis Operation Duration of Migration after Initial Surgery Migrated site Symptoms Treatment for the migrated clips
1 81 Female Bile duct cystadenocarcinoma Laparoscopic right hemihepatectomy 2 years Duodenal bulb Epigastric pain Disappeared Spontaneously
2 80 Male Cholecystolithiasis Laparoscopic cholecystectomy 3 years Comon bile duct Asymptomatic (Inflammatory pseudotumor) Laparoscopic bile duct resectionand reconstruction
3 63 Male Gallbladder cancer Laparoscopic liver S4b and S5 resection and lymph node dissection 3 months Comon bile duct Asymptomatic (Bile duct stenosis) Removed by ERCP
4 74 Male Liver metastasis from lung cancer Laparoscopic S5 and S7 liver resection and cholecystectomy 3 months Comon bile duct Asymptomatic (Bile duct stone) Removed by ERCP