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Table 1. The advantages and disadvantages of various surgical approaches

From: Laparoscopic surgical treatment for hydrocele of canal of Nuck: A case report and literature review

Approach Anterior approach TAPP TEP TAPP plus anterior approach
Advantages Simple and convenient, short operation time; prevents intraperitoneal tumor spreading Accurate diagnosis, especially when intraperitoneal organs or tumors are incarcerated in inguinal hernia Prevents adhesions in the abdominal cavity. Easier to separate HCN from the inguinal canal than TAPP Accurate intraoperative diagnosis and quick resection of HCN; selectively treated for various HCNs
Disadvantages Intraperitoneal organs incarcerated in the inguinal canal are not easy to handle Inferior epigastric vessels interfere with surgical field of vision; a patch may be needed Intraperitoneal observation is not possible; a patch would be needed A patch would be needed if HCN removed by TAPP