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Table 1 Summary of gastric yolk sac tumor-like carcinomas in the literature

From: Long-term survival without recurrence after surgery for gastric yolk sac tumor-like carcinoma: a case report

Authors (year) Age/Sex Histology Metastasis Therapy Prognosis
Garcia (1985) 65/M YST, CC, AC Liver None Autopsy case
Motoyama (1985) 72/F YST, AC LN S Alive (3 years)
Zamecnik (1993) 88/M YST LN, Peritoneum S Died (4 weeks)
Suzuki (1999) 56/M YST, AC LN S, CT Died (6 months)
Puglisi (1999) 61/M YST, AC Peritoneum Palliative S Died (1 months)
Wang (2000) 36/M YST, AC LN CT Died (6 months)
Napaki (2004) 38/F YST, AC Liver CT, S Alive (32 months)
Kanai (2005) 87/M YST None S Died (7 months)
Singh (2007) 67/M YST, AC Liver, LN S, CT Died (2 months)
Tahara (2008) 74/M YST Liver, Lung, LN None Died (6 days)
Kim (2009) 61/M YST None S Alive (3 months)
Magni (2010) 62/M YST LN S, CT Died (1 year)
(2011) 74/M YST, CC, AC Liver, LN S, RFA, CT Alive (8 months)
Bihari (2013) 50/M YST, AC Liver None NM
Yalaza (2017) 68/F YST, AC LN S, CT Died (8 months)
Lakshmanan (2017) 75/M YST, AC, HC None S Alive (30 months)
Qureshi (2018) 52/M YST, AC LN S, CT Alive (16 months)
Mandelia (2018) 3/M YST Liver, Peritoneum CT, S Alive (5 months)
Ibrahim (2019) 86/F YST None S NM
Present case 77/M YST, AC None S Alive (7 years)
  1. YST yolk sac tumor, AC adenocarcinoma, CC choriocarcinoma, HC hepatocellular carcinoma, LN lymph node, S surgery, CT chemotherapy, NM not mentioned