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Table 1 Metastases of urothelial carinoma to the colorectum

From: Rectal metastasis from bladder urothelial carcinoma: a case report

Case Author Patient age (years)/sex TNM * Initial or previous treatment Metastatic sites Treatment after metastasis Time to metastasis (months) Outcome
1 Aigen (1983) 77/M Unknown Surgery (radical cystectomy) Sigmoid colon, transverse colon, appendix, cecum, ileum, omentum Colostomy 198 Unclear [10]
2 Hong (2002) 63/M Unknown Surgery (radical cystectomy)
Chemotherapy (MVAC)
Rectum and hepatic duct Radiation therapy 10 Alive (4 months(4 M)) [14]
3 Yusuf (2005) 54/M Unknown Surgery (radical cystectomy) Rectum Chemotherapy 24 Unclear [15]
4 Yusuf (2005) 73/M Unknown Surgery (radical cystectomy) Rectum Total pelvic exenteration and chemotherapy 24 Unclear [15]
5 Kakizawa (2006) 57/M Unknown Unclear Sigmoid colon Unclear 60 Alive (5 M) [16]
6 Chin (2008) 67/M Unknown Surgery (partial cystectomy)
Chemotherapy (gemcitabine chemotherapy)
Radiation therapy
Appendix Resection of the cecum and terminal ileum, ligation of the right external iliac artery, and end ileostomy 18 Alive (6 M) [17]
7 Kumar (2009) 60/M Unknown Surgery (radical cystectomy) Transverse colon Unclear 5 Unclear[18]
8 Ying-Yue (2010) 83/M Unknown None Rectum Chemotherapy Unclear Unclear[9]
9 Asfour (2014) 55/M Unknown TURBT, 6 weeks
Surgery (cystoprostatectomy)
Chemotherapy (mitomycin followed by 4 rounds of gemcitabine and cisplatin chemotherapy)
Rectum, omentum, other pelvic structures Colostomy 15 Brain and lung metastases[19]
10 Our case (2020) 72/M TaN0M1 TURBT Rectum, peritoneal nodes Colostomy and gemcitabine and cisplatin chemotherapy 48 Alive (10 M)
  1. *TNM at initial diagnosis of urothelial carcinoma