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Table 1 Laboratory data at the patient's first visit

From: Long-term survival achieved by repeated administration of ramucirumab after drug holidays due to proteinuria in recurrent gastric cancer

Biochemistry   Peripheral blood  
TP (g/dL) 6.6 WBC (/μL) 11,200
Alb (g/dL) 3.6 RBC (× 106/μL) 4.01
BUN (mg/dL) 13 Hb (g/dL) 11
Cre (mg/dL) 0.63 Plt (× 104/μL) 49.2
Na+ (mmol/L) 139  
K+ (mmol/L) 4.4 Tumor marker
Cl (mmol/L) 105 CEA (ng/mL) 3.4
CRP (ng/mL) 1.2 CA19-9 (U/mL) 49.0
  1. Italic values mean that they are higher than the normal range.
  2. TP total protein, Alb albumin, BUN blood urea nitrogen, Cre creatinine, CPR C-reactive protein, WBC white blood cell, RBC red blood cell, Hb hemoglobin, Plt platelet, CEA carcinoembryonic antigen, CA carbohydrate antigen