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Table 1 Summary of abdominal surgeries performed in emergency settings for patients with cyclic neutropenia

From: Management of acute cholecystitis in patient with cyclic neutropenia: a case report

Author/year Age/sex Disease Neutrophil count at the first visit Use of G-CSF Prognosis
Geelhoed et al./1973 [4] 10/male Neutropenic enterocolitis 0 No Survival
Langer et al./1990 [6] 4/male Neutropenic enterocolitis 0 No Survival
O'Hanrahan et al./1991 [5] 14/female Neutropenic enterocolitis 200 No Survival
Nedeljka Glavan et al./2015 [1] 4/male Acute appendicitis 0 Yes Survival
Saki Nishikawa et al./2020 31/male Acute cholecystitis 300 No Survival