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Table 1 Clinical presentation of the reported patients with MIVOD

From: Successful surgical management of mesenteric inflammatory veno-occlusive disease

No.Age (years)SexProdromal symptoms at visitComorbidityMedicationsSmokerBowel affectedTime to operation from the onsetOperation methodOutcomeReferences
178Female3-4 wkN/DN/DN/DSCN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 6 mo[1]
234Male2-3 wkN/DN/DN/DJejunumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 7 mo[1]
327Female1 wkN/DN/DN/DJejunumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 7 mo[1]
446Maleseveral moN/DN/DN/DSCN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 18 mo[1]
536Female2 wkN/DN/DN/DRight colonN/DSegmental resection, OPDied 1 mo postoperatively, ARDS and DIC[1]
660Female3 wkN/DN/DN/DRight colonN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 9 mo[1]
735Male4 wkN/DN/DN/DSCN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 12 mo[1]
824MaleN/DN/DN/DN/DJejunumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 13 mo[2]
965FemaleN/DN/DN/DN/DJejunumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 15 mo[2]
1076FemaleN/DN/DN/DN/DJejunumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 14 mo[2]
1146MaleN/DN/DN/DN/DColonN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 16 mo[2]
1249MaleN/DN/DN/DN/DJejunumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 10 mo[2]
1359MaleN/DN/DN/DN/DJejunumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 8 mo[2]
1439MaleN/DN/DN/DN/DColonN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 11 mo[2]
1568MaleN/DN/DN/DN/DGallbladderN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 17 mo[2]
1661MaleN/DN/DN/DN/DOmentumN/Dexcisional biopsies of omentumNED, 8 mo[2]
1742FemaleN/DN/DN/DN/DJejunum and ColonN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 8 mo[2]
1872Female5 daysCholelithiasis, chronic pancreatitisNoneYesJejunumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 18 mo[3]
1975Female6 daysHypertension, rhematoid arthritis, breast carcinomaNaproxen, lorazepam, tamoxifen, co-amlofruseYesIleumN/DSegmental resection, OPDied 2 wk after discharge, recurrent mestenteric ischemia[3]
2031Female1 dayNoneOral contraceptive pillNoneCecum and appendixN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 10 mo[3]
2168Male3 wkOsteoarthritis, hypertensionNoneYesJejunumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 6 mo[3]
2253Male3 daysNoneNoneYesIleumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 8 mo[3]
2332MaleN/DUlcerative colitis5-aminosalicylic acidN/DFrom TC to rectumN/DSubtotal colectomy and ileostomy, OPNED, 5 mo[4]
2434Male3 moHypertension, goutAllopurinolYesTC, SCN/DTotal colectomy, LAPN/D[5]
2565Maleseveral moCoronary artery disease, hyperlipidemiaClopidogrel, anlodipine, valasartan, metoprolol, atorvastatin, AsacolN/DFrom TC to rectumN/DAbdominoperineal resection, LAPN/D[5]
2652Male4 moGlaucomaNoneN/DSCN/DHartmann’s, OPNED, 6 mo[6]
2754Female3 moNoneNoneNoneSCN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 12 mo[7]
2864FemaleN/DArthrosisIndomethacinYesIleumN/DRight hemicolectomy, OPRecurrent but alive[8]
2965Male15 daysPyelonephritisN/DN/DSC30 daysHartmann’s, OPNED, 12 mo[9]
3039Male6 daysUrinary stonesNoneN/DIleum6 daysSegmental resection, OPNED, 15 mo[10]
3124Male2 daysNoneNoneN/DJejunum2 daysSegmental resection, OPNED, 13 mo[11]
3232Male5 daysNoneNoneN/DTC, DC12 daysSubtotal colectomy, OPNED, 24 mo[12]
3329Male10 daysNoneNoneN/DIleumN/DSegmental resection, OPNED, 24 mo[13]
3465Male57 daysDepression, hypertension, prostatic hypertrophy, hyperuricemia, headacheClonazepam, paroxetine, azilsartan, suvorexant, silodosin, tadalafil, allopurinol, tramadol hydrochloride, acetaminophen, vonoprazan fumarateYesFrom DC to rectum57 days1st: Transverse colostomy, OP. 2nd: Subtotal colectomy, ileostomy, OPNED, 17 moOurs
  1. mo month(s), wk week(s), N/D no description, TC transverse colon, DC descending colon, SC sigmoid colon, OP open surgery, LAP laparoscopic surgery, NED no evidence of disease, ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome, DIC disseminated intravascular coagulation