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Table 1 Resected cases of stage IV pulmonary pleomorphic carcinoma

From: A case of resected primary pulmonary pleomorphic carcinoma with long-term survival after multidisciplinary treatment

CaseAgeSexPrimary siteTumor diameter (cm)Metastatic organLymph node metastasesChemotherapyRegimenObservation period after surgery (years)OutcomeReference
171MaleRL7BrainNonePreCBDCA+GEM7RF, A[9]
248MaleRU6.5JejunumNoneNone6RF, A[10]
363MaleLU7.3IleumNonePostCBDCA+PTX1RF, A[11]
469MaleRU4.8StomachNoneNoneNone5RF, A[12]
562MaleLU3.3StomachNoneNoneNone4RF, A[12]
674MaleLL1.4Adrenal glandPre, postCDDP+DOC8.5RF, AOur case
  1. RL right lower, RU right upper, LU left upper, LL left lower, pre preoperative lung resection, post postoperative lung resection, CBDCA carboplatin, GEM gemcitabine, PTX paclitaxel, CDDP cisplatin, DOC docetaxel, RF recurrence free, A alive