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Table 2 Existing reports describing follow-up after endoscopic resection

From: Metachronous liver metastases after long-term follow-up of endoscopic resection for rectal neuroendocrine neoplasms: a report of three cases

 NumberMedian observation period (month)Recurrence (%)Recurrence siteRelapse-free survival (years)Features of recurrent cases
Sekiguchi et al. [8]86670
Onozato et al. [12]38770
Shigeta et al. [11]74311 (1.4)Local6Tumor size 20 mm
Kwaan et al. [13]46241 (2.1)Liver5Positive resection margin, muscular invasion
Kobayashi et al. [14]38431 (2.6)Local16Positive resection margin