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Table 1 Summary of previous reports on idiopathic myointimal hyperplasia of the mesenteric veins involving the small intestine

From: A case of idiopathic myointimal hyperplasia of the mesenteric veins presenting with small bowel obstruction

Year Authors Age Sex Affected site Clinical impression Time to surgery Follow up
1998 Bryant et al. [10] 42 F Jejunum N.D. N.D. N.D.
2012 Lanitis et al. [11] 81 M Ileum Subobstruction and ascites 6 months N.D.
2015 Laskaratos et al. [12] 62 F Ileum Deep ulceration and perforation N.D. N.D.
2016 Song et al. [4] 59 M Ileum to sigmoid colon Exacerbation of Crohn’s disease 30 years N.D.
2017 Guadagno et al. [13] 59 F Ileum Subobstruction due to IBD 6 months 3 years
2019 Our case 81 F Ileum Adhesive intestinal obstruction 1 year 2 years 8 months
  1. N. D. not documented, IBD Inflammatory bowel disease