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Table 1 Reports of lung resection for lung cancer in patients with displaced B1+2

From: Left superior segmentectomy for a patient with displaced anomalous apicoposterior branches of the pulmonary vein and bronchus: a case report

First author Year Age/sex Procedure Anomalous PV
Motohashi 1995 52/F LP None
Shimamoto 2008 81/F S1+2 Seg Unknown
Tsukioka 2011 62/F LUL Unknown
Ikuta 2013 83/M LUL V1+2
Asakura 2013 52/M LUL Unknown
Onuki 2016 83/F LUL None
Yanagiya 2020 70/M S1+2 Seg Unknown
Present case 2020 71/F S6 Seg V1+2
  1. PV pulmonary vein, M male, F female, LP left pneumonectomy, LUL left upper lobectomy, Seg segmentectomy