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Table 1 Reported cases of pigmented carcinoid of the thymus

From: Pigmented spindle cell variant of a thymic atypical carcinoid in an octogenarian

Case Author Age/sex Symptom Outcome Size (mm) Cell type ACTH secretion Mitosis Necrosis
1 Ho and Ho [6] 46/M None ND 110 Oval ND +
2 Lagrange et al. [7] 48/F EAS ND 80 Spindle + Frequent +
3 Klemm et al. [8] 32/M None NED for 10 yearsa 50a Round to oval 3–10/10 HPF +
4 Klemm et al. [8] 47/M None
5 Kuo [9] 24/M EAS Recurrence at 17 months postoperatively 60 Spindle + Rare +
6 Present case 82/M None NED for 9 months 70 Spindle 2–4/10 HPF +
  1. This table is a revised version of a table in the report by Kuo [9]. Size represents the maximum diameter
  2. ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone, ND not described, EAS ectopic ACTH syndrome, NED no evidence of disease, HPF high-power field
  3. aOutcome and size only reported for one unspecified case