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Table 1 Bile duct NET G1/G2 with liver metastasis

From: Repeat hepatectomy for liver metastases from bile duct neuroendocrine tumor: a case report

Case Author/year Sex Age Location G1/G2 Liver met. Treatment Recurrence Re-treatment Follow-up time and prognosis
1 D.M. Judge /1976 M 19 PCBD n/a (carcinoid) Synchronous BSC (cholecystectomy, biopsy)    Deceased 4 months after operation
2 Gastinger I /1987 F 65 PCBD n/a (carcinoid) Synchronous Liver resection n/a   Alive for 5 months
3 B Rodriguez /1991 M 36 CHD-B n/a (carcinoid) Synchronous BSC (exploratory laparotomy)    Deceased 4 days after operation
4 Gembala RB/1993 M 28 RHD-CHD n/a (carcinoid) Synchronous Right trisegmentectomy, BDR, LNR, HJ n/a   n/a
5 Kopelman D/1996 F 44 CBD n/a (carcinoid) Synchronous Limited liver resection, PPPD n/a   Alive for 18 months
6 Oikawa I/1998 M 70 CD-CBD G1 Synchronous BDR, liver resection (caudal lobe) Liver None Deceased 6 months after operation
7 El Rassi ZS/2004 F 41 Hilar G1/G2 Synchronous Left hepatectomy, LNR, HJ n/a   Alive for 20 years
8 Tzimas GN/2006 F 29 Hilar n/a (carcinoid) Synchronous Left liver, caudate lobe resection, BDR, HJ 1 year and 2 weeks re-op. Orthotopic liver transplantation Alive for 3 years (alive for 2 years after 2nd operation)
9 Honda H/2006 M 76 CBD G1/G2 Metachronous PD Liver (8 months after op.) n/a Alive for more than 8 months after operation
10 Ferrone CR/2007 M 52 RHD-H G1 Synchronous Right trisegmentectomy, BDR, LNR n/a   n/a
11 Felekouras E/2009 M 60 CBD G2 Metachronous BDR, HJ Liver (1 year after op.) RFA Alive for more than 1 year after second treatment
  1. CBD common bile duct, CHD common hepatic duct, RHD right hepatic duct, CD cystic duct, PCBD proximal common bile duct, CHD-B common hepatic duct bifurcation, RHD-H right hepatic duct–hilar, PD pancreatoduodenectomy, PPPD pylorus-preserving pancreateduodenectomy, BDR bile duct resection, LNR lymph node resection, HJ hepaticojejunostomy