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Table 2 Details of the treatment received by the 4 cases

From: Congestive ischemic colitis occurring after resection of left colon cancer: 4 case series

Case Time to onset from the initial surgery(month) WBC/CRP Symptoms Hospital stay (days) Treatment
1 19m 8600/1.2 diarrhea,bloody stool 157  CMZ
2 6m 13400/2.2 diarrhea 55 CMZ,PGE
3 34m 12400/2.2 diarrhea 52 PGE
4 5m 18200/13.6 diarrhea,abdominal pain,fever 84※ PGE,CMZ,MTZ, Ileostomy,low anterior resection
  1. CMZ cefmetazole, PGE prostaglandin, MTZ metronidazole
  2. *The patient underwent ileostomy and was temporarily discharged after 56 days in the hospital. He was readmitted 108 days later to undergo laparoscopic low anterior resection. He was discharged from the hospital after 28 days