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Table 1 Previous reports of SPC

From: Invasive solid papillary carcinoma with neuroendocrine differentiation of the breast: a case report and literature review

ReferenceNumber of cases% premenopausal (agea)% of cases that showed distant metastasis
Maluf and Koerner [3]2005%
Otsuki et al. [4]2015% (31, 45, 48)0
Nassar et al. [6]581.7% (30)8.6%
Nicolas et al. [11]119.1% (48)0
Foschini et al. [12]137.7% (48)n.a.
Eusebi et al. [13]50n.a.
Tosi et al. [14]450% (45, 47)n.a.
Cameselle et al. [15]10n.a.
Chang et al. [16]10n.a.
Masood et al. [17]10n.a.
Colella et al. [18]10n.a.
Chiang et al. [19]130n.a.
Leena et al. [20]250% (44)n.a.
Zhang et al. [21]40n.a.
Senel et al. [22]10n.a.
Domoto et al. [23]10n.a.
Rakha et al. [ 8]30n.a.0
Tsang and Chan [24]34n.a.0
Wei et al. [25]21n.a.0
Zheng et al. [26]32n.a.3.2%
Zhong et al. [27]22n.a.0
  1. n.a not available
  2. aPremenopausal patients’ age
  3. bThe percentage data was calculated with the exception of n.a. cases