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Table 1 Documented cases of branch-type IPNB

From: Branch-type intraductal papillary neoplasm of the bile duct treated with laparoscopic anatomical resection: a case report

Author, reference numberAge (years)SexTumor siteTumor size (mm)Treatment
Fujita et al. [9]70FemaleCystic mass adjacent to the bile duct in segment 360Left hemi-hepatectomy
Nakanishi et al. [15]69FemaleRight anterior section16Right anterior sectionectomy
Tominaga et al. [27]83FemaleClose to the bile duct in segment 225Left hemi-hepatectomy
Hasebe et al. [28]65MaleSegment 833, 33S8 segmentectomy
Present case64FemaleSegment 817Laparoscopic S8 segmentectomy