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Table 1 Cases of lung recurrence resection

From: Long-term survival after repeated resection for lung metastasis originating from pancreatic cancer: a case report

Author (number of patient)AgeGenderOperation methodpStageAdjuvant chemotherapyTime until lung recurrence (months)Number of lung recurrenceOS from lung resection (months)Histology
Miyasaka et al. (1)70Female (1)PD (1)IA (1)GEM/TS-1161 (1)34Well differentiated
Kurahara et al. (7)NAMen (4), female (3)NANANANA1 (7)37NA
Ilmer et al. (11)66 (49–75)Men (6), female (5)PD (10), DP (1)NANA17 (3–64)1 (11)26NA
Tagawa et al. (4)69.5 (63–82)Men (2), female (2)PD (2), DP (2)IIA (3), IIB (1)GEM (4)29 (21–47)1 (4)38 (10–65)NA
Okui et al. (6)64.5 (63–74)Men (3), female (3)PD (3), DP (3)IB (1), IIA (2), III (1), NA (1)GEM (4), TS-1 (2)26 (0–64)1 (5), 2 (1)37 (36–48)Well differentiated (5), mucinous (1)
Kitasato et al. (1)59Female (1)DP (1)III (1)5FU + CDDP1631 (1)24 ≤Well differentiated
  1. NA not available, PD pancreaticoduodenectomy, DP distal pancreatectomy, GEM gemcitabine, TS-1 tegafur/gimeracil/oteracil, 5-FU 5-fluorouracil, CDDP cisplatin