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Table 1 Reports of multiple colonic atresias with malrotation

From: Congenital multiple colonic atresias with intestinal malrotation: a case report

 Birth weightGastational ageTime of first surgeryAtresiasTypeFirst surgeryAnomaliesRef
1nm40 weeks52 hA, T, DIIIOstomyMalrotation8
2nm40 weeks48 hT, SpIIIOstomyMalrotation8
3nm34 weeks12 hA, H, TIIIOstomyGastroschisis, malrotation9
42790 g38 weeks72 hA, TIOstomyEbstein’s anomaly, pyelectasis, malrotationOur case
  1. nm not mentioned, A ascending colon, T transverse colon, Sp sigmoid colon, D descending colon