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Table 2 Comparative characteristics of present study

From: Correction to: Bilateral spontaneous thrombosis of the pampiniform plexus mimicking incarcerated inguinal hernia: case report of a rare condition and literature review

ParametersFindings after literature reviewFindings of present case
Age at presentationMean age was found 32.27 years.(range 7–65 years)Present case is the eldest of all reported subjects till date.
Location (side)Left sided in 70% cases, 25% in right side.Bilateral thrombosis were found at presentation.
Duration of painVaried duration. Ranges from hours to 5 weeksIn present case mild dragging pain started 6 weeks ago.
Predisposing factorsMajority reported heavy physical works.Subject in present case was also a active physical labor
Initial diagnosisMajority was diagnosed preoperatively as incarcerated inguinal hernia.Present case was also diagnosed as incarcerated inguinal hernia in emergency department.
Primary Investigation and managementUSG Doppler flow study confirmed majority of the cases and majority were managed by surgical excision.USG Doppler confirmed diagnosis. But the case was managed conservatively.