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Table 2 Cholangiocarcinoma in biliary atresia patients

From: Correctable biliary atresia and cholangiocarcinoma: a case report of a 63-year-old patient

(reference number, publication year)
Age at diagnosis (years)SexTreatmentLength of survival following diagnosis (months)Outcome
1 ([7], 1968)3M-(Autopsy)Dead
2 ([8], 1977)11F-(Autopsy)Dead
3 ([9], 2012)16FLT2)/Chemo1)33Alive (with Meta3))
4 ([10], 2013)30FLT2)/Chemo1)7Dead
5 ([6],2014)13FLT2)/Chemo1)11Dead
6 ([11], 2016)39MChemo1)8Dead
7 Present case62FChemo1)4Dead
  1. Seven cases of cholangiocarcinoma in patients with biliary atresia have been reported, including the present case
  2. Chemo1) chemotherapy, LT2) liver transplantation, Meta3) metastasis