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Table 1 Laboratory study results

From: Correctable biliary atresia and cholangiocarcinoma: a case report of a 63-year-old patient

Patient age62 years and 8 months62 years and 10 months63 years and 6 months
T.Bil6) (mg/dl)
D.Bil5) (mg/dl)
AST3) (IU/l)371256
ALT2) (IU/l)282867
AFP1) (ng/ml)2.6No data1.8
CEA4) (ng/ml)4.8No data7
CA19-9 (U/ml)15.8No data301.2
  1. Her liver function tests were within the normal range at 62 years and 8 months old and 62 years and 10 months old. Her liver function test results showed slight abnormalities at 63 years and 6 months old. Among tumor markers assessed at that time, CEA and CA19-9 levels were elevated; both markers were within normal range 10 months before
  2. AFP1) α-fetoprotein, ALT2) alanine aminotransferase, AST3) aspartate aminotransferase, CEA4) carcinoembryonic antigen, D. Bil5) direct bilirubin, T. Bil6) total bilirubin