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Table 1 CDI reported cases after reversal of ileostomy

From: A case report of successful management of fulminant Clostridium difficile colitis post-ileostomy reversal with administration of vancomycin through a transverse colostomy

Author/yearRef. no.Age/sexBackgroundDuration between onset and surgery (days)WBC (per μl)Surgical procedureAntibiotics after surgeryOutcome
Shen/2009[10]61/FUlcerative colitis, after total proctocolectomy with IAA and a loop ileostomy1061,000NoneVCM po, MNZ infDead, the postoperative 35th day
Nair/2010[11]72/MAfter LAR with ileostomy1417,500NoneVCM poAlive, 9 months
Abe/2012[9]69/MAfter LAR with ileostomy49460Total colectomy with ileostomyVCM poDead, the postoperative second day
Almerie/2015[12]60/FAfter LAR with ileostomy411,400NoneMNZ poAlive, 2 weeks
Fashandi/2016[13]77/MAfter diverting loop ileostomy34500Total colectomyNot recordedDead, the postoperative fifth day
Our case/2019 58/MAfter ISR with ileostomy637,200Transverse colostomyVCM NG tube, VCM enema through T/colostomy, MNZ infAlive, 15 months
  1. LAR low anterior resection, ISR intersphincter resection, MNZ metronidazole