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Table 1 Reported representative open treatment

From: Superior mesenteric artery dissection with prolonged abdominal angina treated by laparotomy, endarterectomy, patch angioplasty, and retrograde open mesenteric stenting: a case report

Method   Age/sex Bowel resection
Thrombectomy Shigemitsu et al. [6] 62/M No
65/M Yes
Thrombectomy and iliac-ileal bypass Satokawa et al. [1] 53/M No
47/M No
Iliac-distal SMA bypass Katsura et al. [7] 50/M No
46/F No
ROMS Matushita et al. [8] 78/M No
58/M No
Wyers et al. [9] 60/M Yes
66/F No
67/F Yes
68/F No
62/F No
52/M Yes