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Table 1 Patients with McKittrick-Wheelock syndrome treated with laparoscopic low anterior resection and proctosigmoidectomy

From: Transanal total mesorectal excision of giant villous tumor of the lower rectum with McKittrick–Wheelock syndrome: a case report of a novel surgical approach

Author Year Age, sex Tumor size (cm) Circumference (%) Distance from anal verge Procedure Pathology
Dagan and Reissman [8] 2010 52, F 31 100 On the dentate line LPS+TM+DLI TVA, HGD
Podesta et al. [19] 2014 72, F 15 100 On the dentate line LAR VA, HGD
Choi et al. [20] 2012 59, M 25 100 7 cm LAR TVA
Targarona et al. [21] 2008 63, F 18 ND < 1 cm LAR VA, HGD
69, F 16 1 cm IPS VA
69, F 7 10 cm LAR VA, HGD
  1. DLI diverting loop ileostomy, HGD high-grade dysplasia, IPS intersphincteric proctosigmoidectomy, LAR laparoscopic low anterior resection, ND not described, TM transanal mucosectomy, TVA tubulovillous adenoma, VA villous adenoma