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Table 1 Reported surgical cases of pure pancreatic hepatoid carcinoma in the literature

From: Pure pancreatic hepatoid carcinoma: a surgical case report and literature review

ReferenceAgeGenderLocationSymptomsPreoperative imaging studyPreoperative diagnostic methodPreoperative diagnosisPostoperative pathological differentiationRecurrenceOutcome
[14]57MHeadEpigastric pain, vomiting, and feverCTNoneNot listedWell to moderateLiver metastasisDead, 2.8 months
[28]70MBodyNoneCTNoneNot listedWellNoneAlive, 12 months
[16]51MBody and tailUpper gastrointestinal hemorrhageCT, EUSBiopsyNondiagnostic tissueModerateNoneAlive, 14 months
[29]32MTailEpigastric painCTBiopsyHepatoid carcinomaWellNoneAlive, 18 months
[26]49FTailBody weight lossUS, CT, MRI, ERCPPancreatic juice cytologyAdenocarcinomatous cellsWellLiver metastasisAlive, 48 months
[15]58MBodyBack and flank painCTFNAHepatocytesWellNoneAlive, 15 months
[11]53FBody and tailEpigastric painNot listedNoneNot listedModerateLiver metastasisAlive, 22 months
[12]79FBodyNoneCTNoneNot listedPoorLiver metastasisDead, 2 months
[30]80MHeadNausea, emesis, diarrhea, and weight lossMRINoneNot listedModerateNoneAlive, 8 months
[31]69MBody and tailChest painCT, EUSFNAHepatoid carcinomaModerateNoneAlive, 4 months
BiopsyHepatoid carcinoma
[32]61FTailNoneCT, PET-CT, EUSFNALymphoma or neuroendocrine tumorModerateNoneAlive, 60 months
[33]57MHeadJaundiceCTNoneNot listedModerateNoneAlive, 18 months
[34]47MTailGroin pain and backacheUS, CT, MRINoneNot listedModerateNoneAlive, 8 months
[21]59MBodyNoneUS, CT, MRI, EUSFNASPNWellNoneAlive, 12 months
[35]61MTailNoneMRI, EUSFNAAcinar cell carcinomaModerateNoneAlive, 6 months
[23]67MTailNoneCT, MRINoneNot listedModerateNoneAlive, 6 months
[36]56MTailNoneUS, CT, MRINoneNot listedModerateNoneAlive, 36 months
[37]78MHeadNoneUS, CT, MRIBiopsyEpithelial tumorWellNoneDead from acute heart attack, 2 months
[25]83MBodyAbdominal painCTBiopsyNeuroendocrine tumorModerateNoneAlive, 107 months
72MTailBack painUS, CTNoneNot listedWellNoneDead from pulmonary embolism, 1 month
Present case56MTailNoneCT, MRI, EUSFNASPNModerateNoneAlive, 6 months
  1. CT computed tomography, EUS endoscopic ultrasound, US ultrasound, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, ERCP endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, FNA fine needle aspiration, PET-CT positron emission tomography-computed tomography, SPN solid pseudopapillary neoplasm