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Fig. 2

From: Robot-assisted low anterior resection after aluminum potassium sulfate and tannic acid sclerosing therapy for internal hemorrhoids

Fig. 2

Schematic representation of the port placement. a A 3-cm longitudinal incision was placed on the umbilicus, and Lap Protector and E-Z access were inserted there. The first camera port (8-mm da Vinci port) was placed through E-Z access, and pneumoperitonium was started. Additional four da Vinci ports were placed symmetrically along the horizontal line of the umbilical incision with 7-cm intervals. A 5-mm AirSeal Access port was inserted in the right upper quadrant. b #1, fenestrated forceps; #2, fenestrated forceps with bipolar; #3, 0° camera; #4, monopolar curved scissors

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