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Table 1 Cases of primary and secondary SFT of the pancreas reported in the English literature

From: A rare case of metastatic solitary fibrous tumor of the pancreas manifesting as a cystic neoplasm: a case report

  Author Year Age, sex Symptoms Site Size (cm) Preoperative biopsy (diagnosis) Preoperative diagnosis Operation Primary site Malignant findingsa Postoperative course
1 Luttges et al. [1] 1999 50, F Asymptomatic Pb 5.5 Open biopsy (mesenchymal origin) NEN DP Panc None 20 months, no recurrence
2 Miyamoto et al. [2] 2007 41, F Abdominal pain Pbh 2.0 CT-guided FNA (insufficient material) NEN Laparoscopic EN Panc None 7 months, no recurrence
3 Srinivasan et al. [3] 2008 78, F Back pain, fatigue, weight loss Pb 5.0 EUS-FNA (mesenchymal tumor) Mesenchymal tumor DP Panc None 7 months, no recurrence
4 Kwon et al. [4] 2008 54, M Asymptomatic Pb 7.6 None NEN, SPN MP Panc None 70 months, no recurrenceb
5 Chetty et al. [5] 2009 67, F Asymptomatic Ph 2.6 None NEN PD Panc None 6 months, no recurrence
6 Sugawara et al. [6] 2010 55, F Asymptomatic Ph 7.0 None N.A PD Panc None 3 years, no recurrenceb
7 Santos et al. [7] 2012 40, F Asymptomatic Pb 3.0 FNA (insufficient material) N.A Partial pancreatectomy Panc None N.A
8 Tasdemir et al. [8] 2012 24, F Abdominal pain, constipation Ph 18.5 None Mesenchymal tumor EN Panc None 3 months, no recurrence
9 Azadi et al. [9] 2012 57, M Asymptomatic Pt 3.1 Biopsy (spindle cell neoplasm) Spindle cell neoplasm DP and left nephrectomy Panc None N.A
10 van der Vorst et al. [10] 2012 67, F Abdominal pain Ph 2.8 None NEN EN Panc None N.A
11 Patel et al. [11] 2013 43, M Pancreatitis Ph 6.0 EUS-FNA (SFT) Metastatic SFT PD and partial hepatectomy Kidney N.A 1.5 years, no recurrence
12 Osuga et al. [12] 2014 62, F Asymptomaticc Phb 3.4 EUS-FNA (SFT) Metastatic SFT MP CNS High mitotic rate N.A
13 Estrella et al. [13] 2015 52, F Jaundice, loss of appetite Ph 15.0 None NEN PD Panc Hypercellularity, high mitotic rate, cytological atypia, necrosis 40 months, no recurrence
14 Baxter et al. [14] 2015 58, F Abdominal pain Ph 3.5 EUS-FNA (non-diagnostic) NEN, GIST, sarcoma PD Panc None 1 year, no recurrence
15 Paramythiotis et al. [15] 2016 55, M Abdominal pain Pb 3.6 None NEN, SPN, GIST SPDP Panc Necrosis 12 months, no recurrence
16 Murakami et al. [16] 2016 82, M Edema, hypertension, hypokalemia Pt 6.0 None NEN DP Panc N.A 4 months, died of sepsis
17 Spasevska et al. [17] 2016 47, M Abdominal pain, jaundice Ph 3.5 None Cystadeno-carcinoma PD Panc None 1 week, died of complications
18 Sheng et al. [18] 2017 1, M Jaundice Ph 2.0 None N.A PD Panc High mitotic rate, cytological atypia 12 months, no recurrence
19 Colvin et al. [19] 2017 76, M Fatigue, abdominal pain, weight loss Pbh 1.5 EUS-FNA (SFT) Metastatic SFT Robotic CP Chest wall Hypercellularity 1 year, recurrence in the chest wall
20 D’Amico et al. [20] 2017 52, M Asymptomatic Pt 2.0 None NEN EN Panc None 24 months, no recurrence
21 Oana et al. [21] 2017 73, M Abdominal discomfort Ph 6.5 None NEN, ACC, GIST Partial pancreatectomy Panc None 3 years, no recurrence
22 Current case 2019 58, F Asymptomatic Pt 5.6 None NEN, SPN, MCN DP CNS High mitotic rate 4 years, meningeal dissemination
  1. ACC acinar cell carcinoma, CNS central nervous system, CP central pancreatectomy, DP distal pancreatectomy, EN enucleation, EUS endoscopic ultrasonography, FNA fine-needle aspiration, GIST gastrointestinal stromal tumor, MCN mucinous cystic neoplasm, MP middle pancreatectomy, N.A not available, NEN neuroendocrine neoplasm, Panc pancreas, PD pancreaticoduodenectomy, SFT solitary fibrous tumor, SPDP spleen-preserving distal pancreatectomy, SPN solid pseudopapillary neoplasm
  2. aMalignant findings of SFT according to the World Health Organization classification [29]
  3. bInformation in the postoperative course was retrieved from the report by Baxter et al. [14]
  4. cThe patient had a chest discomfort, which was considered irrelevant to the pancreatic disease