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Table 1 The literature review of cases with thyroid metastasis from esophageal cancer

From: Thyroid metastasis from esophageal adenocarcinoma: a case report and literature review

Source Age Sex Treatment for thyroid Pathology result Outcomes
Present case 79 M Chemotherapy Adenocarcinoma 4 months (alive)
Shuangshoti [4] 58 M TT + ipsilateral CL SCC 11 months (dead)
Yamada et al. [5] 74 F ST + bilateral CL SCC Over 4 years (alive)
Basu et al. [6] 55 F No data SCC No data
Cumbo-Nacheli et al. [7] 32 M No data Adenocarcinoma No data
Moulick et al. [8] 66 M Chemoradiation SCC No data
Chen et al. [9] 61 M Palliative bilateral NT + tracheostomy SCC 11 months (dead)
Cheng et al. [10] 70 M Right lobectomy + partial left lobectomy SCC 3 months (dead)
Reese et al. [11] 64 M None Adenocarcinoma No data
  1. TT total thyroidectomy, NT near-total thyroidectomy, ST subtotal thyroidectomy, CL cervical lymphadenectomy, SCC squamous cell carcinoma