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Table 1 Reported cases of intestinal perforation associated with granulomatosis with polyangiitis

From: Sigmoid colon perforation in the patient with granulomatosis with polyangiitis

Reference Age/sex Perforation site Disease duration (months) Drug Pathology Prognosis
Our case 40/M Colon 240 P + M + R Vasculitis Survival
Toh et al. [8] 19/F Small bowel 1 P + R Vasculitis Survival
Akbulut [9] 47/M Ileum 18 P + C NS Death
Samim et al. [10] 35/M Jejunum 4 P + C Ulceration Survival
Yildirim et al. [11] 32/M Ileum 0.5 P + C Vasculitis Death
Deniz et al. [12] 44/M Ileum 1 NS Vasculitis Survival
Shaikh et al. [13] 44/F Ileum, colon 2 P Vasculitis Survival
Strivens et al. [14] 54/F Ileum, colon 1.5 P + C Vasculitis Survival
Akca et al. [15] 56/M Ileum 3 P + C Ulceration Survival
Skaife at al. [16] 69/M Jejunum 0.2 P + C NS Death
Srinivasan and Coughlan [17] 56/F Ileum 1 P + C Vasculitis Survival
Storesund et al. [18] 26/M Colon 18 P + C Vasculitis Survival
Tokuda et al. [19] 37/M Ileum 24 P + C Vasculitis Survival
Geraghty et al. [20] 46/M Ileum, colon 1 P + C Ulceration Death
McNabb et al. [21] 50/M Ileum 9 P + A Ulceration Survival
  1. P prednisolone, M methotrexate, R rituximab, C cyclophosphamide, A azathioprine, NS not stated