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Table 1 Review of previous literature about esophagectomy with a RSPV anomaly

From: Thoracoscopic esophagectomy with subcarinal lymph node dissection in the prone position for esophageal cancer with a right superior pulmonary vein anomaly: a case report

Year Author Age Sex Origin of anomaly of RSPV Preoperative recognition (Yes/No) Operative method Preservation (Yes/No)
2003 Matsubara 57 M Right upper lobe No Thoracotomy Yes
2015 Fujiwara et al. 51 M S2 No Thoracoscopy (left decubitus) Yes
2016 Shiozaki et al. 74 M right upper lobe No Laparoscopy (transhiatal) Yes
Our case 61 M S2 Yes Thoracoscopy (prone) Yes
  1. RSPV right superior pulmonary vein, S2 posterior segment of the right upper lobe