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Table 1 The reports of primary colorectal carcinoma in children since 2000

From: Primary adenocarcinoma of the appendix in a child: A case report

Case Age (years) Gender Origin Pathological results Operation Additional treatment Outcome
1 [8] 13 M A-colon Well diff. adenocarcinoma R-hemicolectomy No recurrence
2 [9] 12 F Rectum Undiff. mucinous adenocarcinoma Radiotherapy Die
3 [10] 13 Unknown D-colon Adenocarcinoma with multiple metastasis L-hemicolectomy and splenectomys Chemotherapy Die
4 [11] 9 M Rectum Mucinous adenocarcinoma segmental resection Chemotherapy No recurrence
5 [11] 12 F D-colon Poorly diff. mucinous adenocarcinoma resection of local tumor Chemotherapy No recurrence
6 [12] 13 M A-colon Poorly diff. mucinous adenocarcinoma R-hemicolectomy Chemotherapy Die
7 [12] 15 M T-colon Mucinous adenocarcinoma Ileosigmoidostomy bypass Chemotherapy Die
  1. M male, F female, A-colon ascending colon, D-colon descending colon, T-colon transverse colon, diff. differentiated, R-hemicolectomy right hemicolectomy, L-hemicolectomy left hemicolectomy