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Table 1 Reports of surgical treatment for intestinal metastasis from resected PC

From: Oncological emergency surgery for metachronous large and small bowel metastases after pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic cancer: a case report

Author and year of publication Age/sex Primary PC site/TNM stage* AC after pancreatectomy DFI (months) Symptoms Metastatic site AC after metasectomy TI (months)
Ogu US, 20124** 85/F Ph/T3N0M0/IIA NA 24 Abdominal pain Sigmoid colon NA NA
Inada K, 20133** 62/M Ph/T2N1M0/IIB GEM 86 Abdominal pain Ascending colon NA 14
Kim W, 20152** 64/M Pb/T3N0M0/IIA None 23 Abdominal pain Cecum GEM 6
Our case, 2018 63/M Ph/T2N0M0/IB S-1 4 Fever
Bowel obstruction
Transverse colon
GEM nab-PTX 7
  1. AC adjuvant chemotherapy; DFI disease-free interval; F female; GEM gemcitabine; NA not available; nab-PTX nab-paclitaxel; M male; PC pancreatic cancer; Pb pancreatic body; Ph pancreatic head; S-1 tegafur, gimeracil, and oteracil potassium; TI months between the date of metasectomy and date of the death or last follow-up, whichever occurred first
  2. *According to the UICC classification seventh edition; ** reference number