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Table 1 Pre-operative blood results

From: A rare case of ascending colon adenocarcinoma incarcerated in an inguinoscrotal hernia: case report and literature review

Blood results
Sodium 140 mmol/L
Potassium 5.1 mmol/L
Haemoglobin 74 g/L
Haematocrit 0.244 L/L
Mean cell volume 6.6 fL
Mean cell haemoglobin 21.2 pg
Mean cell haemoglobin concentration 303 g/L
Red cell distribution width 37.2 fL
Iron 3.2 μmol/L
Iron saturation 3.8%
Transferrin 3.4 g/L
Ferritin 4 μg/L
Carcinoembryonic antigen 2 μg/L