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Table 1 Published reports of primary lung cancer that embolised to the superior mesenteric artery

From: Acute lower limb ischemia and intestinal necrosis due to arterial tumor embolism from advanced lung cancer: a case report and literature review

  Primary lung tumor Pulmonary vein involvement Site of embolization Treatment Outcome
Taber [8] Anaplastic carcinoma Y Distal aorta, SMA, cerebral and renal arteries Embolectomy Died (postoperative
hour 15)
Webb [9] Bronchogenic carcinoma Y Distal aorta, cerebral artery, and SMA Embolectomy, laparotomy Survived
Whyte [10] Large cell carcinoma Y SMA Laparotomy Died (POD4)
Chandler [4] Squamous cell carcinoma Not noted SMA Laparotomy Died (POD8)
(this article)
Squamous cell carcinoma Y Renal, splenic and femoral arteries, the branch of SMA Laparotomy, trans-femoral amputation Survived
  1. SMA superior mesenteric artery, Y yes