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Table 2 Summary of the reported cases about CTLN II developed after operation

From: Sudden development of adult-onset type II citrullinemia after total gastrectomy: a case report

Case Authors (year) Sex/age* Operation (diagnosis) Initial symptom Onset**
1 Eriguchi et al. (2010) [14] M/15 Total colectomy (severe Ulcerative colitis) Complex partial seizure Few days
2 Tazawa et al. (2013) [15] F/49 Pancreaticoduodenectomy (malignant somatostatinoma) Hepatic encephalopathy 2 years
3 Present case M/56 Total gastorectomy (stomach cancer) Unconsciousness 13 days
  1. *Age when the patient underwent the operation
  2. **Onset of the initial symptom associated with CTLN II after the operation