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Table 1 Case reports of cancer associated retinopathy with breast cancer

From: Cancer-associated retinopathy after surgery for breast cancer: a case report and review of the literature

Author Age Symptom Diagnosis of BC Stage of BC Chemotherapy Treatment of CAR Antibody From CAR onset to treatment Course Pathology
Holz FG(1997) [3] 53 Blurred vision/reduce of dark adaptation paracentral scotoma 5 years 1 month before T2N0M0 Done (epirubicin/treosulfan) Steroid therapy methotrexate Recoverin: - No record No remission No record
62 Photopsia photosensitivity blurred vision 6 years before T1bN0M0   Steroid therapy methotrexate No performed 4 months No remission No record
Ejma M(2008) [4] 54 Decreased vision in the dark photopsia photosensitivity 8 months before T4dN0M+ Done (FAC) None Recoverin: -
α-enolase: +
GCAPs: -
retinal arrestin: -
No remission (died) No record
Anastasakis(2011) [5] 62 Shimmering Photopsia myodesopsia 2 months after TxNxM+(PUL,PAN) Done (no record) Chemotherapy No performed 2 months Normalized Lobular ca.
present case 50 Decreased vision
photopsia photosensitivity
defect of visual field
30 days before T2N1M0 Done (CDDP+VP16,EC,DTX) Steroid therapy Recoverin: - 59 days Improved Invasive ca. with neuroendocrine features
  1. BC Breast cancer, FAC Fluorouracil and doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide, CDDP cisplatin, VP-16 Etoposide, EC Epirubicin and cyclophosphamide, DTX Docetaxel, PUL Pulmonary, PAN pancreas