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Table 1 Characteristics of reported patients with pancreatobiliary maljunction and double cancer of the pancreas and gallbladder

From: Synchronous primary gallbladder and pancreatic cancer associated with congenital biliary dilatation and pancreaticobiliary maljunction

  Author Year Age/sex Diagnosis CBD PBM Surgery Survival time
1 Ueda [25]) 1992 58/M Synchronous (GBC, PC, BDC) + TP
Extended cholecystectomy
30 months
2 Minami [3]) 2008 50/F Metachronous (GBC then PC) + + PD 78 months
3 Lahmar [26]) 2010 68/F Metachronous (GBC then PC) + + PD 12 months
4 Rungsakulkij [27]) 2013 46/F Synchronous (GBC, PC) + + PD
Extended cholecystectomy
12 months
5 Our case 2016 72/F Synchronous (GBC, PC) + + SSPPD
Extended cholecystectomy
8 months, death
  1. BDC bile duct cancer, GBC gallbladder cancer, F female, M male, PC pancreatic cancer, PD pancreticoduodenectomy, SSPPD subtotal stomach-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy, TP total pancreatectomy, CBD congenital biliary dilatation, PBM pancreaticobiliary maljunction